We Can’t Stop Watching This 32 Car ‘Rocket League’ Rumble Match

The recent “Rumble” update for Rocket League had the potential to be a disaster. Adding in crazy powerups to a game that was already fast and action packed could have ruined the game play completely. But somehow Psyonix balanced everything perfectly, and Rumble has turned into a chaotic great time.

Shortly after Rumble, they also released (for free) a brand new aquatic-themed map called Aquadome. It has a distinct Bioshock feel to it, but mostly is just looks amazing. The ocean life can be seen swimming around the outside of the play area, like a reverse aquarium.

YouTuber and Redditor MineTimelapser decided the mix the two new additions together. With the little help of PC mods, he created this video that shows an insane 16 vs. 16 Rocket League match, featuring all AI bots.

Try to guess who wins. Or just enjoy the scenery.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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