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WATCH: The Worlds of Skyrim and Morrowind Collide in New Teaser For ‘Skywind’ Mod

Fans of The Elder Scrolls series should get excited as a huge new expansive mod is getting closer to release and they’ve now put out a teaser for us to see and it looks amazing!

Well known among the Elder Scrolls fans is the community-based modding group TES Renewal, and they’re working to bring the worlds of Skyrim and Morrowind together in a beautiful mod called Skywind that will explore the history and fall of The House of Dagoth.

We’ve posted the teaser trailer here, check it out!

Skywind will include new locations, quests, characters, items and more, and will aim to bring the best of both games together.

One of the main complaints fans have from Morrowind is issues with textures, meshes and other graphics issues which this mod will address by implementing the use of the more advanced and well polished textures from Skyrim. Where they don’t use Skyrim textures they will use community developed textures that will be as good in quality, or better.

The mod doesn’t currently plan on allowing players to travel between the worlds of SkyrimOblivion, and Morrowind as it would cause some lore-based issues which the mod is seeking to avoid. They want it to be well-polished and they want it to make sense in the story based aspect of the game… that being said this is a modding community. If players of the mod want to be able to travel between those worlds, a little bit of modding and that will be available.

A compelling aspect about this community based project is that its limits are very loose. While the developers themselves make decisive choices for their mod they say openly that other modders will be allowed to make major changes.
An example of this is with the discrepancy between the armor systems of Skyrim and Morrowind. As Morrowind contains more armor pieces like left and right gloves on the characters, in Skyrim those aren’t present.

As a result the modders have elected to use Skyrim’s armor system as adding in armor components from Morrowind will produce a huge amount of clipping issues with the textures and meshes. Despite this it would be easy and reasonable for other modders to add armor systems from other games into the Skywind mod.

What aspects of these two masterful games would you like to see pushed to this major game development? Let us know in the comments!

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Liam Bentley

Liam Bentley

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