WATCH: Teaser Trailer For BBC Movie About The Creation of GTA Via

If you wanted to see a movie that stars Harry Potter as a video game developer and that guy from Twister as his conservative American activist foe, then BBC has just the movie for you.

In a film titled The Gamechangers, BBC will present the story of Rockstar Games, co-founded by Sam Houser (played by Daniel Radcliffe), and the birth of the gaming phenomenon known as Grand Theft Auto. You’ve probably heard of it.

Bill Paxton (that guy from Twister) plays notorious American activist/lawyer/loudmouth Jack Thompson, who has tried numerous times to get everything from rap music to violent video games banned. He famously campaigned against the entire GTA series when it started to catch fire with gamers.

File photo of Jack Thompson (possibly incorrect):


The really weird part about this movie is that Rockstar Games is suing the BBC for making it. So they want to censor a movie that is about how they were almost censored. Got it.

Here’s the teaser: