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WATCH: Rusev And Lana Play WWE 2K17, With Hilarious Results

In a promotional video for WWE 2K17 (out today for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC), the Bulgarian Brute Rusev and his manager/wife Lana crack open one of the NXT Collector’s Edition copies of the game, in an unboxing video you really have to see to believe. Highlights include Rusev discovering just how many Superstars have a higher rating than him (“and why is old Rock rated higher than new Rock?”), Lana making Rusev jealous by talking about Finn Balor’s chiseled physique and Nakamura’s fantastic entrance, and Lana attempting to keep up her Russian accent for five minutes straight while berating Rusev for deliberately removing her as his manager in-game. It’s a shame these two play characters that won’t let them banter like this on WWE programming, but maybe one day…

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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