WATCH: New World Record Speed Run For ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!’ via YouTube

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! is one of the hardest games to ever exist. We even included it on our list of games that will cause you to smash your controller in frustration because they are so damn hard. Beating Punch-Out! requires a very specific amount of memorization and lightning fast reflexes, especially once you get to Tyson himself. Even a tiny mistake will cause Little Mac to be sent crashing into the canvas after eating a big Iron Mike right hand.

Twitch user zallard1 has mastered all those patterns, and just set a brand new world record speed run for the NES classic. He’s the first player to KO Tyson in under 16 minutes. Considering we had trouble getting past Bald Bull when we were 12-years old, this is pretty amazing.

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