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Turtle Rock Announces That ‘Evolve’ Will Now Be Free-To-Play

Asymmetrical multiplayer game Evolve, where a team of four hunters matches wits against a single giant monster, was released by Turtle Rock Studios, creators of Left 4 Dead, in early 2015, and met with decidedly mixed reviews, as well as the ire of players who were not pleased by the game’s pricey DLC, as well as what was seen as broken promises in terms of new, free content. Despite being marketed as a potentially next big multiplayer game, with hopes of turning it into an eSport-level franchise, player numbers dwindled almost immediately, and the game was largely forgotten about.

With that in mind, Turtle Rock announced this week that the game has been relaunched on PC as a Free-To-Play game, with all the content able to be acquired at no cost to the player. Microtransactions and the ability to purchase DLC instead will still exist, and anyone who already purchased the game and any DLC will see their purchases transfer over to the new version, titled Evolve: Stage 2. The original game has been pulled from Steam, with the new version that has replaced it reportedly moved back to the “beta testing” phase. No plans have been announced for a similar Free-To-Play version of the game for consoles.

Turtle Rock also released a trailer for Evolve: Stage 2, which should at least attract some new players out of curiosity, if nothing else.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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