The World’s Most Popular Streamer Lands ESPN Magazine Cover

Fortnite dominated the gaming and streaming world in 2018 and the most recognizable personality to rise from the game’s popularity has been Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Over the past year, he’s created a massive audience to the tune of 11 million followers on Twitch and over 18 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s made the mainstream news cycle for his streaming session with Drake and back in March Blevins made national headlines for his interview with CNBC where he detailed how he was able to make more than $500,000 per month playing the Fortnite game.

Blevins tweeted confirming that he will be on the cover with the text “The Legend of Ninja.” He also stated that the reveal of the magazine will officially take place on ESPN Sportscenter tomorrow, starting at 7 AM EDT.

Blevins is making history as the first professional gamer to appear on the cover of ESPN Magazine or sports magazine in general for that matter, a spot commonly reserved for traditional athletes.


Charles Rogers

Charliee Rogers is a freelance writer, father of two, and video game player!