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Since its initial release in 1996, Resident Evil has terrified audiences while also enthralling them with clever game mechanics and difficult puzzles. Credited with popularizing an entire genre named survival-horror, Resident Evil is as fun as it is influential. While Resident Evil has changed drastically over the years, the titles are almost always enjoyable. Even when the series abandons its survival-horror roots, the games are well-produced with outstanding production values. The following are the top 10 titles in the Resident Evil series spanning two decades of gaming.

10. Resident Evil 6 (2012)

Grander and more action-packed than any fan of the original Resident Evil would have envisioned, Resident Evil 6 abandons its survival horror gameplay roots entirely and becomes a pure action game. Whether or not this is a bad thing will vary with depending on your tastes; however, one thing is clear: when looking at RE6, independent of previous Resident Evil titles, it is a magnificent game. With four campaigns and seven playable characters, the story spans the globe in a gigantic tangled plot. RE6 has an ambitious story that succeeds admirably and the inclusion of old-school puzzles will please fans of the original titles. Ditching the tank controls of past Resident Evil games, RE6 plays more like a standard third-person shooter and features a cover system reminiscent of a Gears of War title. Although the shift from the series’ roots is jarring, Resident Evil 6 is an enjoyable and difficult title worth experiencing despite the poor critical reception it received. Containing a fully fleshed out multiplayer mode, Resident Evil 6 may be the most complete Resident Evil title in the series, though certainly not the best. Source:

9. Resident Evil 5 (2009)

Attempting to shake off its horror elements and involve more hardcore action gameplay than the series had in the past, Resident Evil 5 is a fun game to play even when compared to legacy of prior entries in the series. When accounting for the lack of horror the series is known for, it was viewed as a letdown. Despite this, RE 5 remains an excellent game to play so long as gamers accept it on its own terms. Reuniting with the original game’s co-protagonist Chris Redfield, RE5 supports co-op gameplay and presents tension in a survival fashion that will hook gamers, even if the survival horror aspect itself is no longer there. Cinematic and fun, RE5 also features the return of original series villain Albert Wesker. Building upon the mechanics of Resident Evil 4, RE5 marks the modern era of Resident Evil, as quicktime events are prevalent and item management is even more limited than in past titles, contributing to a high level of tension and anxiety throughout the game. Source:

8. Resident Evil Revelations 2 (2015)

A step back from the recaptured glory of the original Resident Evil Revelations, Revelations 2 nonetheless effectively meshes action gameplay with tense elements of survival. Controlling two pairs of characters, Revelations 2 introduces gameplay elements that involve utilizing the skills of a secondary character. For example, Claire and Moira cooperate together with Claire providing the gunplay and Moira shining a light on enemies to blind them and using her torch to discover items. With traditional Resident Evil puzzles mixed in, Revelations 2 is more than just a run-and-gun title. An entertaining horror experience, this title may be a letdown from its predecessor but it still succeeds in providing quality gameplay. And with the stellar arcade-like “Raid” mode to boot, the replay value of Revelations 2 is high. Source: IGN

7. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (2001)

Originally a Sega Dreamcast exclusive, Code: Veronica was ported to the majority of other platforms one year later in an updated package. Adding content, the title was renamed Code: Veronica X but not too much has changed. Fortunately, the original is a fantastic title and therefore simply having access to the game was pleasing for fans of other consoles. The game follows Claire Redfield and her quest to find her missing brother Chris. Taking place three months after Resident Evil 2, Code: Veronica X contains one of the better stories in the series, offering surprising twists and throwbacks to previous games. The presentation is fantastic and once the inevitable zombie outbreak occurs, Code: Veronica X provides one of the scarier, most intense experiences in the entire Resident Evil series. With an appearance from original villain Albert Wesker, Code: Veronica X is truly a legendary Resident Evil title. Source:

6. Resident Evil 0 HD (2016)

Released earlier this year, the HD remaster of Resident Evil 0 moves the former GameCube exclusive to current gen hardware for everyone to enjoy. A prequel to the 1996 original, Resident Evil 0 re-introduces Rebecca Chambers from the original, along with a newly playable character, Billy Coen. Finding themselves in a mansion owned by the evil Umbrella Corporation, the two must escape while tackling grotesque monsters and difficult puzzles. Players can freely switch between the two characters, which is a good thing because completing the mansion’s puzzles requires the use of both. As with many other games in the series, item management is the main challenge, with minimal inventory space heightening the survival aspect. Resident Evil 0 is a classic horror game with a higher difficulty level than the first few games in the series. With the option for updated controls or maintaining the classic movement in the remaster, gamers who missed Resident Evil 0 the first time around should play it immediately. Source:

5. Resident Evil Remake HD (2015)

Atmospheric and terrifying, Resident Evil HD brings the updated GameCube remake of the original classic into 1080p resolution while running at 60 frames per second. With the choice of updated controls reminiscent of later titles in the series or the “tank-like” controls of the original, this remaster succeeds in presenting Resident Evil as it was for diehard fans of the original, while also making it more accessible for a newer generation. A tense game of resource management, Resident Evil is smartly paced and full of surprising twists. Despite the plot’s simplicity, the focus on surviving in the present is handled superbly and the journey is enthralling. Navigating the dark hallways is genuinely scary and it is easy to see how this game popularized the survival horror genre. For nostalgia alone, this title makes a strong case for the #1 spot on this list; however, it has been surpassed by a select few Resident Evil titles in the time since its original release. Source:

4. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)

Returning from the original game, Jill Valentine faces “Nemesis,” a modified super soldier sent by Umbrella to dispose of the remaining STARS team members. Relentless and evil, “Nemesis” proves to be the most formidable villain the series has produced. With puzzles requiring a significant amount of backtracking and the horror elements toned down, RE3 doesn’t quite reach the heights of its direct predecessor. It does however provide several refinements Resident Evil players now take for granted. Implementing the 180 degree turn and adding controls for ducking and dodging, RE3 controls better than previous entries and the plot is far more detailed. The multiple decisions offered in the game keeps things fresh and exciting, and the puzzles are far more difficult than the simple ones offered before (the water sample puzzle may be the toughest in the entire series).,29374/ Source:

3. Resident Evil Revelations (2012)

Originally developed for the Nintendo 3DS, this title was ported to consoles and surprisingly did not fare as well in the transition. While still great on an HDTV, Revelations showed that it was designed for a smaller screen in mind, especially with the 3DS’s 3D effects turned on. The 3DS version is arguably the best version; however, the console versions are still worth playing and is a suitable alternative for those without access to Nintendo’s handheld. What Revelations did so well was return the series to its survival horror roots. Recapturing the atmosphere of the earlier games by abandoning the open areas and placing characters in cramped, confined spaces, the scares were heightened and the game succeeded in bringing back the haunting Resident Evil playstyle fans cherished. A fantastic evolution of the original series, this portable masterpiece just missed our list of the greatest 3DS games of all-time, but is still an absolute must-own title — a throwback to the days when Resident Evil was a horror game.,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNFy1e89MwnV4L5t6hYYR5dRXW-gMA&ust=1456511998762802 Source: IGN

2. Resident Evil 2 (1998)

Taking place two months after the events of Resident Evil, this sequel builds upon the atmospheric chill established in its predecessor. Once again truly terrifying, Resident Evil 2 will send gamers jumping out of their seats even on replays when they know what’s coming. Character selection has changed as Claire Redfield (sister of Chris Redfield of the original game) and Leon Kennedy are now playable. Replay value is increased significantly, as completing the game with one character has an impact on the scenarios the other character will face. The best title in the series to feature true survival horror elements, the campaign for a remake of this title has been ongoing for over a decade and Capcom has finally confirmed that a remaster is in development. While the outdated graphics and controls may be a barrier to some, Resident Evil 2 is so good it still must be experienced even by gamers who did not grow up during the PlayStation 1 generation. Source:

1. Resident Evil 4 (2005)

Despite receiving slight negative press in the years that followed due its dramatic shift in tone from prior entries, Resident Evil 4 is the highpoint of the series and one of the greatest games ever made. Leon Kennedy returns as the protagonist of RE4 and the most noticeable difference is a change from the cramped hallways and streets of the original titles to more open environments. This turned the game into a survival action game rather than horror. Still genuinely frightening, (the chainsaw-wielders and the “regenaradors” certainly qualify as scary), RE4 took the risk of changing the formula that had become stale and re-invigorated it in successful fashion. Now in third-person and with infected villagers replacing zombies, RE4 left its predecessors in the dust. While future titles would abandon the horror portions entirely, blaming that on RE4 is unfair. RE4 is a gorgeous, well-designed game that took the Resident Evil formula through a natural progression. It is a true accomplishment in game design and still holds up well today. Whatever your opinion on the Resident Evil series, any serious gamer needs to have this in their library. Source:

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