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Super Fan Explains Why You Should NOT Buy ‘Star Wars Battlefront’

Star Wars Battlefront is the long awaited return to the galaxy far, far away by Electronic Arts. It came out this week to mostly positive reviews (including ours, which you can read right here). However, a lot of those reviews came with one big BUT.

As is the growing trend amongst game publishers, the new Battlefront game comes with a season pass, good for a years worth of DLC goodies, such as maps, weapons, character skins, etc, etc. So what’s the problem? The season pass is $50.00. To fully enjoy all the content the game as to offer, you would have to pony up $110. That’s basically two games worth of cash for one pretty okay actual game.

We’d rant more about how ridiculous that is, but movie and gaming fan/critic Jeremy Jahns does it so much better than we do. Here’s why he won’t be buying the new Star Wars game.

**NSFW Language in video**

Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

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