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Sumo Lounge “Gamer” Bean Bag Chair Review

As you may or may not have noticed, video games are part of our shtick here at Goliath, so it’s fitting that Sumo was kind enough to send us one of their “Gamer” bean bag chairs to review (and help make our office just a little bit more relaxing, of course). Sumo has a whole line of bean bag chairs of different sizes and designs, but the Lounge Gamer is billed as the chair that will “take your gaming skills to the next level.” While I can safely say that sitting in a beanbag chair has no bearing whatsoever on your actual gaming skills, I can confirm that sitting in a Sumo is a pretty comfortable way to play … to a point.

Sumo claims that the Gamer will never go flat and though we haven’t had our chair around for very long, it hasn’t lost any of its firmness so far, so we’ll just have to take their word for it. In terms of comfort, the Gamer is a pleasure to lounge in and if it was appropriate in an office environment, I’d probably have some great naps in it. It’s also big enough for the very tall to curl up in, as evidenced by this photo of the 6’4 Charlie Rogers taking the chair (and his Nintendo Switch) for a test drive:

As comfortable as the Gamer is though, I have to question Sumo’s decision to bill it as its leading chair to play video games in. It’s great for general lounging, but I wouldn’t want to have a marathon gaming session whilst seated in it. Even though it does mold to your body somewhat, the Gamer does not have much in the way of head support, so unless you’re propping the chair against a wall and using some sort of makeshift headrest, your neck is going to get strained pretty quickly if you’re in a seated position. Looking at Sumo’s catalog, something like the Sultan or Gigantor looks much better suited to gaming due to the increased support and the fact that they more closely resemble actual chairs.

As a gaming chair, the Sumo Gamer leaves much to be desired but if you’re looking for a comfortable bean bag lounger or something to collapse into after a big gaming session, this will fit the bill nicely.

Check out the full line of Sumo Lounge bean bag chairs on their website. 

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)