Stardew Valley Officials Make A Big Announcement

Stardew Valley officials have released a huge announcement on the official Stardew Valley Developers’ Blog revealing that the beloved RPG game will be making the jump to mobile phone platforms.

A London-based development studio called The Secret Police is responsible for creating the mobile port for Stardew Valley. By outsourcing the development of the mobile port it hasn’t taken any time and attention from the console multiplayer progression.

They’ve released a trailer to their site as well. We’ve posted it below for you to see!


  • Supports IPhone and IPad gaming as long as the IOS software version is compatible.
  • It will be the full version of the game, no content or features will be cut out, its main difference simply being a redesign to be compatible with touch screen gameplay.
  • It will include 1.3 Singeplayer content such as the Night Market, but it won’t have multiplayer.
  • PC players will be able to port their character saves from their PC to the mobile game version using ITunes.

The game will first launch onto the IOS app store on October 24th; The Secret Police are currently working on completing the android port and a release date for that should be coming soon.

Pre Orders are available now!

Did you enjoy Stardew Valley enough to want to buy it again for mobile? Let us know in the comments section!

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Source: Stardew Valley

Liam Bentley

Liam Bentley

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