The PlayStation 4 is getting a new, officially licensed controller designed for children.

Dubbed the Mini Wired Gamepad, the controller was first revealed in a post on PlayStation Blog. Interestingly, the controller is being made by Hori, the company known for their quality fighting sticks and other controller designs for a variety of platforms.

The PlayStation 4 Mini Wired Gamepad is 40 percent smaller than a standard DualShock 4 and does not feature that controller’s touch pad or light bar. For games with touch-based elements, the smaller left and right sticks will be able to simulate those inputs.

The PlayStation Blog notes that the new controller was designed with younger gamers in mind, hence the smaller design. As the name implies, the gamepad is wired with a 10-foot cable and will be released this holiday in the U.S. and Canada for a suggested retail price of $30 USD/$40 CAD.

Source: PlayStation Blog