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Sony Bans ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Player For Sharing Full-Frontal Nude Images

As Watch Dogs 2 players have discovered, the game contains full-frontal nudity, but if you want to share a screenshot or footage of this content, you could get your account suspended by Sony. At least, that’s what happened to one PlayStation 4 user when he used the console’s Share feature to upload a screenshot of a fallen character seemingly wearing crotchless panties.

Adam, a UK QA tester, wrote in a post on NeoGAF that he found himself faced with an account suspension after sharing an image of a naked female NPC in Ubisoft’s new open world game. “On Sunday evening I accidentally blew up a few women in a back alley with a gas pipe and then I saw *it*,” Adam wrote.

“I took a picture of this funny oversight with the ingame camera and shared it on twitter for my friends to see and I posted it in one of the Watch Dogs early release threads on here. Cut to tonight where I can’t access my services while playing the game and then when I tried to sign in there was a very brief message about my account being suspended.”

According to PlayStation Network’s terms of service, defamatory or offensive materials represent a breach of contract. The terms state that users should not “share anything that is vulgar or use community features to harm or alarm anyone.”

Sony sent an email to Adam explaining the suspension: “Content of an adult or sexual nature is against our Code of Conduct. The suspension will last 1 week. You won’t be able to access online multiplayer, PlayStation Store and other network features until the suspension is over.

We ask all our players to act decently, respectfully and with consideration for us and other players while using PlayStation Network. To make sure you understand the behaviour we expect from our community, please review the Code of Conduct here before returning to PlayStation Network. Please be aware that any further breaches of the Code of Conduct may result in a longer suspension or even a permanent ban.”

“I’m not looking for justice or a lifting of the ban really,” Adam later added on Twitter. “I’d just like to spark a convo about how platform holders should handle Community content as games push boundaries of what’s acceptable. They’re happy to sell these produces and use sharing for free promotion.”

In a statement to IGN, an Ubisoft representative responded to the story and claims that the nude NPC model will be taken out in a patch to be released sometime this week:

“We’re aware that one of the NPC models in Watch Dogs 2 is rendered in a way that is particularly explicit. While Watch Dogs 2 is a mature-rated game, we apologize and will update this NPC model to make it more consistent with other NPC models in the game in a patch to be released this week. We also are working with our first-party partners to ensure that players can continue to play and share all content from the game within the bounds of the first parties’ respective codes of conduct.”

It is unclear whether Ubisoft plans to remove male genitalia from the game as well, which one would assume would also lead to a suspension if shared in a screenshot or gameplay footage. For now, it seems that you can share all the dead bodies you want in Watch Dogs 2, but if there’s even a bit of nudity involved, you could be faced with a ban. No, we don’t really get it either.

(Via: IGN)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)