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Some ‘No Man’s Sky’ Players Are Encountering A Game-Breaking Bug

Players who pre-ordered No Man’s Sky, the long-awaited space exploration game from indie developer Hello Games, have discovered a game-breaking bug that is leaving some of them literally stranded in the stars.

As IGN reports, the bug is rooted in the beefed-up ship that comes included as a bonus with pre-order copies of the game The pre-order ship already comes equipped with a hyperdrive that allows for intergalactic travel, whereas regular players have to complete an early quest to find enough resources in order to build one. Reddit user McBlurry points out that if a player redeems the pre-order ship before they complete the hyperdrive blueprint tutorial, it effectively means they never learn to how to build one. This becomes a huge problem if you decide trade in the spacecraft for a more powerful one that doesn’t have a hyperdrive.

“The player ends up starting the game without the ability to build the essential item that allows you to get around and progress in the game,” says McBlurry. “I’m stuck with a ship with no hyperdrive, with no way to make a hyperdrive. Essentially freezing my progress permanently until this bug is fixed, or I accept defeat and delete my save with like a dozen hours on it, and start over. Whichever comes first.”

No Man Sky’s creator, Sean Murray, has been active on Twitter in the days since the game’s launch, but has yet to release a statement regarding the bug. Given Murray’s evident enthusiasm over so many people loving his company’s game, it’s likely that this bug will not go unaddressed for long.

In other No Man’s Sky news, Murray revealed yesterday that it’s still possible to encounter other players while playing the game, following a report in which two players arranged to meet each other on the same planet but couldn’t see each other.

(Source: IGN)


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)