Mad Max

Seattle Now Offers ‘Mad Max’ Themed Uber Cars

If you happen to be a fan of both the Mad Max action movie franchise AND the ride sharing service Uber, then you should immediately move to Seattle. The Emerald City is now home to a half-dozen Uber cars that look they are directly out of the most recent George Miller explosion extravaganza.

Like most good things in this world, the cars are actually part of an advertising campaign for the new Mad Max video game. Plus Seattle is home to PAX Prime 2015, a massive gaming convention. Still, being able to open your Uber app and request a “MAD MAX” driver is pretty damn sweet.

From the Uber press release:

-Open the Uber app in downtown Seattle and request MAD MAX.
-Demand will be high and availability is limited, but if your timing is right, a Warboy will swoop you up in a car ripped from the world of the Mad Max video game and brought to life on the streets of our fair city!
-Cars vary in size. Your Warboy will let you know how many riders (1, 3, or 4) he can keep safe from marauders.
-Trips must begin and stay within downtown Seattle. The Wasteland is vast and gas is precious—the Warboys must remain near their Stronghold.
-Your dollars are worthless in the Wasteland. Payment shall not be required.

Here’s one in the wild:

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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