Say Hello To The Super Nintendo Micro, A.K.A. The Cutest Console Ever

Nintendo is sure to sell a bazillion NES Classics this holiday season; the $60 reconfigured Wii console that will come pre-loaded with 30 Nintendo Entertainment System games, but Youtuber lyberty5’s unofficial redesign of another classic Nintendo console is not only more adorable, but also scratches that nostalgia itch in all the right places.

Dubbed the SNES MICRO, the insanely small device is built on Raspberry Pi Zero and is a full-featured emulator designed to look exactly like a very small Super Nintendo (well, the Japanese Super Famicon specifically). The video below shows the console in action (surprisingly, the out-casing is made out of clay and not 3D-printed) and proves that the thing actually works, as lyberty5 runs both Yoshi’s Island and Doom successfully.

If the NES Classic proves successful — and honestly, how could it not? I’d probably never use the thing and I still want to buy one — you just know that Nintendo will unleash a SNES MICRO of their own on the world … but it probably won’t be as tiny or as impressive as this user-created one.

(Via: AV Club)


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)