Samsung Can’t Take Joke, Gets ‘GTA V’ Mod Video Pulled From YouTube [Update: It’s Back!]

When a number of Samsung Note 7 smartphones started exploding and setting things on fire after they were released, the tech company quickly realized they had a big problem. As they are scrambling to sort out replacement and recalls, they apparently also found the time to issue bogus copyright claims on YouTube videos.

Some noble modder developed a hilarious little tweak for GTA V that turns the image of C4 explosives into a Note 7. Obviously, things explode. It was funny, in a twisted, Grand Theft Auto sort of way. Samsung didn’t laugh, though. They issued a copyright claim on the video, despite not owning any rights to the game or mod itself. According to the mod creator, the video didn’t even use the word “Samsung.”

“Pretty bummed out,” sdaddy345 wrote on Reddit, “that Samsung copyright take downed a video that I made 100%… No logo, image or even the word ‘Samsung’ was uttered/shown in the video. It was pretty much the same thing as this video, which is just a gta 5 player throwing the phone at cars and blowing them up.”

Sdaddy345 says he filed a counter-claim to the copyright takedown, but YouTube is notoriously hard to deal with when to comes to these things. Fear not, though, because a bunch of other gamers have began uploading their own videos of the mod in use (which is still freely available to download).

Here are some exploding phones!

(Videos may contain NSFW language. It’s Grand Theft Auto, after all.)


The video is back! Sdaddy345 says that YouTube unblocked the video after reviewing the case.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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