Russian Politicians Claim ‘FIFA 17’ is “Gay Propaganda”

Well, that’s a headline we never thought we’d have to write. Yet, there it is.

Indeed, The Guardian is reporting that some Russian members of parliament have alerted the country’s communications oversight agency, alleging that recent changed made to the popular soccer video game FIFA 17 break Russian laws on “gay propaganda.”

Yes, we’re serious.

Last month, the English Premier League ran a campaign called “Rainbow Laces,” where their players would wear multi-color laces on their soccer shoes in support of LGBT players and fans. To add to the game’s realism, EA Sports included the rainbow laces (along with an entire rainbow colored uniform) as a free download in FIFA 17.

The Russian MPs who are upset claim this free update is in violation of the country’s infamous 2013 which prohibits “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” being available to minors. While the law itself is in questionable taste (at best), the game is rated for all-ages, meaning that minors can but it without showing I.D. Of course, arguing over the inclusion of a rainbow soccer jersey hardly seems like a good use of Russian taxpayer dollars.

From Kotaku:

“Every state has its internal laws and order; they need to be obeyed,” former Olympic gold medalist (and current MP) Irina Rodnina said.

A Communist party MP, meanwhile, has argued that EA need to “introduce changes to the programming code or the age classification of this information product.”

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