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RUMOR: ‘Call Of Duty’ Returning To World War 2 This Year

If new leaked marketing materials are to be believed, the 2017 installment of Call of Duty being developed by Sledgehammer Games will be subtitled ‘WW2’, indicating that the franchise is set to return to its original era.

The images, which were sent anonymously to YouTube channel TheFamilyVideoGamers, show promo materials and steelbook designs that feature beach landings and World War 2-era clothing and weapons.

According to IGN, sources have confirmed that the game will feature a WWII setting in some respect, which also supports comments made by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, who mentioned in an earnings call last month that Call of Duty would be going “back to its roots” with its next iteration after the sci-fi setting of Infinite Warfare failed to “appeal to all of our fans.”

If true, this would be the first Call of Duty game to feature a World War 2 setting since 2008’s World At War. With EA experiencing massive success with their World War 1-era shooter Battlefield 1 last year, it’s clear that there is still demand for first-person shooters set in combat theaters of the past. so there is little reason to doubt the existence of Call of Duty WW2 at this time.

At the time of this writing, Activision has released no comment regarding the leaked marketing materials.

Source: IGN

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)