Popular Adult Website Reports Massive Drop in Traffic On Day ‘Fallout 4’ Released

It’s a popular myth that 99% of everything on the internet is some kind of pornography. Actually, that might not even be a myth — the internet is a filthy place sometimes.

One of the most popular websites providing “adult entertainment” is Pornhub (stop clicking there, we’re not linking to it). A giant in the industry, featured quite blatantly in the Joseph Gordon Levitt movie Don Jon, even Pornhub could not hold off the much anticipated and long awaited released of Fallout 4, the latest in the popular series of video games by Bethesda Studios.

Pornhub reported traffic began to decrease steadily around 3:00am on Tuesday, November 10. Fallout 4 was released at midnight. Traffic stayed below average for almost the entire day, finally going back to normal levels at 11pm.

Fallout 4 has sold over 12 million copies so far, so it turns out that young males DO use their computers for more than one thing.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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