‘Pokémon Go’ Player Claims He Lost 25 Pounds In Quest To Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon Go has been getting millions of people out of the house and walking more than many of them probably would have otherwise, but is it actually a viable fitness app? Roberto Vazquez would probably answer with an enthusiastic “Yes!” as the Toronto resident claims he lost 25 pounds in a span of three and a half weeks while playing the game.

Vazquez claims to be the first Toronto Pokemon Go player to catch all 142 available Pokemon in North America, a feat he accomplished by logging a staggering 266 kilometres in distance walked. The 24-year-old photographer says that he would walk anywhere from 20 to 40 kilometres a day and while he admits that it was painful at times, he also says it was worth it because of the people he met along the way .. and the weight loss, of course!

“You go out, you get to see the city, you get to meet people and you don’t think about that until you’re home and your’e ready to sleep.”

“Forget P90X,” he adds, referring to the popular boot camp-style exercise program.

Vazquex also claims that his travels in and around the Toronto area were a boon to his career, as he found some perfect locations for photography shoots.

“Right beside Mount Pleasant there’s a little park, and they actually have this huge, huge, huge bridge with a bunch of graffiti and stuff,” he said. “It’s definitely a place I wouldn’t be walking around unless I started playing the game, and so I got to utilize the space. It fit so well with the actual concept, just the structure of the building itself on the path to the bridge. It was just beautiful.”

So what was the last Pokemon Vazquez needed to complete his Pokedex? A Venusaur, who proved particularly elusive for Vasquez to catch.

“I knew where he was going to normally show-up because certain characters will show-up in certain areas throughout the day,” he said. “This one character I basically had to stay at Allan Gardens for two, three hours just for him to show up.

“I was determined,” he said. “I was like, ‘You know what, if I have to stay here 10 hours I definitely will because I need just one more character.'”

(Roberto Vazquez)

Now that he’s found every Pokemon currently available in North America, Vazquez plans to do some travelling to find Farfetch’d, Mr. Mime, and Kangaskhan, who are only available in other continents. Fortunately, he’s headed to Asia soon for work.

“Might as well try to hit two birds with one stone, right?”

In the meantime, Vazquez wants to keep his fitness regimen going, “I guess I have to start a new account.”

(Source: CBC News)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)