‘Pokemon Go’ Made An Absurd Amount of Money During Halloween Event

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Don’t listen to those people who tell you that Pokemon Go was a summer fad that has since died a slow and uneventful death.

Developers Niantic continue to tweak and upgrade the augmented reality mobile game. In fact, code was recently discovered in the game that suggests 100 second generation Pokemon will soon be added to the game. In the meantime, the game just put on a successful Halloween event that players raved about. It offered extra candies and increased the spawn of rare Pokemon, especially “spooky ones” like Ghastly and Cubone.

The Halloween event may have been a hit with players, but it was an even bigger success to the bottom line. According to Niantic’s chief marketing officer Mike Quigley, the event generated $200 million in microtransactions. He also said that there will be more events coming soon, along with smaller game changes like the current addition of Daily Quests and bonus items.

“We view Pokemon Go as something that will be around for years,” said Quigley, while speaking at a Web Summit in Lisbon on Wednesday.

“We’re pleased with where we are now, and we have a product roadmap.”

That’s a lot of money generated in just a week or two, considering it’s a “dead game.”