Pokémon Go: 7 Reasons Why You Need To Focus On Hatching Eggs

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Pokémon Go has a bit of an endgame problem right now. While the early stages are filled with a seemingly overwhelming number of things to do (catch this Pokémon, use these items, take this gym etc.), the truth is that there are few worthwhile activities in the game once you reach a certain point. As it turns out, eggs are the key to maintaining interest in Pokémon Go right now. Eggs may seem like a pointless distraction to beginners but nothing could be further from the truth. Hatching eggs is arguably the single most worthwhile use of your time in Pokémon Go, even more so than battling it out with other teams for gyms or catching Pokémon in the wild. Here’s why:

7. It’s Essential To Leveling Up At Higher Levels

Once you reach a high enough level in Pokémon Go — around level 20 or so — you pretty much hit a wall, as it suddenly takes a ridiculous amount of xp to gain a single level. Higher xp thresholds for higher levels is nothing new in games like this, but since you’re still getting the same amount of xp for catching Pokémon and other activities as you were at lower levels, the progression stalls out considerably at this stage, even if you’re still putting in a ton of time and effort. While hatching eggs still doesn’t net you enough xp to put a serious dent in your progress bar, hatching them at a regular pace definitely helps you reach higher levels faster, as their xp rewards are significantly higher than what you receive for catching wild Pokémon.

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6. It Keeps You Moving

Pokémon Go has been receiving a lot of positive press for getting people out and walking, and no other activity gets you out walking more than incubating eggs. This not only encourages the core tenet of the game’s design (there’a a reason “Go” is in the title, after all) but also provides you with an excuse to walk further than you might normally. Heck, you’ll easily reach that 10,000 steps a day recommendation by hatching a 10 km egg alone and thanks to the game’s rather unreliable distance tracking, it’s likely that you’ll actually travel even further than that. Sure, there are ways to cheat the system by riding a bike or travelling in a car at low speeds, but if you’re a purist and just rely on good old fashioned walking for hatching those eggs, you’ll be receiving a cardiovascular reward right alongside your newly-hatched Pokémon!

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5. Scratches That RNG Itch

Hatching eggs is arguably the one activity in Pokémon Go that relies solely on random chance. Yes, there are only so many different Pokémon that can be hatched from a certain type of egg, but at the end of the day, you’re still at the mercy of the random number generation (RNG) gods when it comes time for those eggs to hatch. While some games do a poor job of implementing RNG elements (Overwatch loot boxes, I’m looking at you), Pokémon Go is both fair and addictive with its RNG game. Hatching eggs is a rewarding experience because while you may be pissed off that you got another Pidgey out of that 2 km egg, there’s always a chance that it might be a Pikachu, and that chance is what keeps you going. The Pokémon Go RNG itch is real and once you start, it’s pretty hard to stop!

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4. You Get Lots Of Candy

One of the more frustrating aspects of Pokémon Go’s design is that it can take a really long time to evolve a certain Pokémon if you’re not finding many of that type, as you only get three candies when you catch a Pokémon and one when you transfer it to the professor. Eggs give a substantial amount of candy, to the point where even if you hatch a Pokemon you already have, it’s not necessarily a bad thing since your candy reserves for that type will increase a lot. This is even more useful for rarer Pokémon or ones you’re just not catching enough of in the wild, as you’ll receive a good supply of candy to go towards leveling and evolving even after just hatching one.

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3. You Also Get Lots Of Stardust

Stardust is another essential resource that there never seems to be enough of, especially as you start levelling up your Pokémon with high CP levels. Upgrades become super expensive after a certain point, requiring you to start saving Stardust by the tens of thousands and since holding a gym only nets you 500 Stardust once a day (assuming you can even hold it for more than a day or two at this point, which can be quite the task), that quickly becomes a pretty unreliable way to earn Stardust. Fortunately, hatching eggs nets you significantly more Stardust in one go than you’ll get from catching Pokémon or holding gyms.

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2. It’s The Only Thing That Will Keep You Going If You’re A Hardcore Player

As far as games go, Pokémon Go is a pretty casual affair, but it’s still a deep enough experience for the hardcore crowd, as evidenced by this Reddit thread detailing the many intricacies of the game’s systems. Strip it all back however, and you quickly realize that there isn’t really a whole lot of worthwhile things to do once you’ve put in enough hours (okay, that’s a point you can make about any game really, but bear with me here.) Unless you’re regularly going on road trips to different places, it’s incredibly rare to see any new Pokémon once you’ve filled out a fair bit of your Pokédex, and since holding gyms is significantly more difficult than actually taking them, gym battling isn’t really a great endgame unless nobody around you is competing with you for gyms.

Right now, eggs are pretty much the best endgame activity, since they provide you with a much higher chance of seeing something new and also give out better rewards than gyms. Pokémon Go will clearly need to add more activities in the future to keep the hardcore base satiated, but right now, getting them out and walking long distances to hatch some eggs seems to be doing just fine.

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1. You Can Get Super Rare Pokémon

As nice as it is to get bonus xp, candy, and stardust from hatching eggs, the number one reason to do it is still to get new Pokémon. Depending on how complete your Pokédex is already, your mileage may vary considerably, but at the end of the day, you’re still more likely to get a Pokémon you haven’t seen before from an egg than you are from just walking around trying to find them. One of the reasons for this is that pretty much every Pokémon except for the five or so ultra rare ones that don’t seem to be available anywhere yet can potentially be hatched from an egg, which makes them a continuously appealing prospect. Eggs also represent an occasional bit of forward momentum in the times where you’re surrounded by nothing but Pidgeys and Rattatas, which makes them quite essential to the Pokémon Go experience in my books.

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)