‘Overwatch’ Gets ‘Rocket League’ Style Game Mode As Part Of Olympic-Themed Event

Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter Overwatch is currently enjoying a limited time event inspired by the Summer Olympics in Rio. The developer is not only adding new Olympics-themed skins, sprays, and emotes to the base game, but also adding a mini game called Lúcioball that looks and plays like Overwatch’s version of Rocket League.

Lúcioball is a three-on-three version of soccer that lets you play as speedster Lucio  in a new map set in Rio de Janeiro. Overwatch assistant director Aaron Keller describes Lúcioball as a fast-paced take on soccer that lets players make use of Lucio’s various abilities in order to score goals against the opposing team.

Understanding how Lúcio’s abilities affect the ball is the key to mastering Lúcioball,” Keller said on the PlayStation Blog. “For this brawl, his primary fire has been replaced with a melee attack, allowing Lúcio to punch the ball — perfect for dribbling, passing, and shooting from short range. When you need to launch the ball across the map, Lúcio’s secondary attack emits a blast of sound that gets the job done nicely.”

The Summer Games event also features more than 100 seasonal items to unlock and collect, with each loot box opened up between now and Aug. 22, when the event concludes, guaranteed to have at least one Summer Games item.

Blizzard claims that this is only the first of many seasonal events planned for the game. Halloween theme next, perhaps?

(Source: Polygon)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)