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‘No Man’s Sky’ Is Being Investigated For False Advertising

Eurogamer is reporting that the Advertising Standards Authority is launching an investigation into No Man’s Sky, the spaceflight survival game released on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC this past August.

According to the report, the watchdog group launched its investigation after receiving “several complaints” pertaining to the game’s advertising.

Since the investigation is on-going, the ASA has not revealed any further details, but a Reddit user who claims to be one of the complainants has revealed some details. According to their Reddit post, the investigation revolves around No Man Sky’s Steam store page, which contains several assets that some believe misrepresent the game. Several screenshots and videos depict features that aren’t in the finished product, such as advanced animal behavior, large-scale combat, and ship-flying behavior. There is also a complaint that the graphical quality of the game are misrepresented in said assets.

‘AzzerUK,’ the Reddit user who contacted the ASA, tells Eurogamer that while he isn’t angry with Hello Games or Steam for their actions, he felt compelled to contact them “after seeing just how vastly different the trailers for No Man’s Sky were from the actual released game.”

The ASA has contacted both Hello Games and Valve asking them to respond to the allegations. The ASA has the ability to remove advertisements it deems are in breech of its code of conduct, so if Hello Games or Valve doesn’t comply with a ruling it sets down, the ASA can impose sanctions such as removing a a marketer’s paid-for search ads.

For more on the ASA’s investigation into No Man’s Sky, check out Eurogamer’s full report here.

(Source: Eurogamer)


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)