Niantic Discounts Pokemon Storage Ahead of Gen 2 Arrival

After teasing Pokemon Go players for months with the impending release of Generation 2 monsters, Niantic finally dropped the bombshell earlier this week — Gen 2 will finally appear “later this week.” Many people are assuming that means Saturday, but a hard time and date has not been set.

For many players, this creates a storage problem. Many are still using the original 250 open spots for Pokemon that came free when you started playing. Those are just into collecting and filling their Pokedex, and not heavy into battling for gyms or collecting Pokecoins, will soon be out of space, if they aren’t already. The addition of 80 brand new Pokemon will only make it harder.

Niantic sells storage upgrades through in-app purchases. Increasing your bag by 50 slots costs 200 Pokecoins, the equivalent of a couple bucks (or two days worth of collecting the full 100 Pokecoins from holding gyms). The current maximum storage space is 1000 Pokemon, which would cost somewhere around $30 to get, depending on whether you’re willing to buy coins in bulk for a slight discount or not.

Although many were hoping that Niantic would throw players a small bone and increase their storage by 50 or 100 for free, they are at least offering something. Starting on February 16 and lasting until February 28, the cost to increase your Pokemon storage will drop by 50%, down to 100 coins. No word on whether they might eventually raise the 1000 Pokemon max limit, but at least this helps hardcore players who struggle with managing their always growing collection.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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