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New Features Revealed For WWE 2K17

In an official statement from 2K Sports, several details about the upcoming WWE 2K17 game were revealed today. While most of what is said remains very vague about specific details, there’s still some things we can point to as worth talking about. You can read the full statement here, but we tried to pare it down to the important details of what has changed for this year’s edition of the wrestling game franchise:

– Improved gameplay, including the return of backstage areas to fight in
– New secondary submission system
– Create A Wrestler expanded
– Ability to create and save Highlight Videos, which you can use to make custom Titantrons and entrances
– New Create A Victory (?) feature
NO 2K Showcase mode
– new Show Presentation system for WWE Universe mode
– Revamped MyCareer mode which includes the ability to cut promos and brawl backstage
– Larger roster

Most notable, of course, is the lack of a 2K Showcase mode, which has been a decently acclaimed part of the game in recent years, such as the “30 Years of WrestleMania” or “Attitude Era” Showcases. Also, there continues to be a baffling lack of communication on whether Create A Wrestler mode will finally bring back the ability to make female wrestlers, especially given the developments in WWE’s on-screen product in that regard. However, the statement from 2K suggests that there are more details to come, so if you didn’t see everything you wanted on that list, stay tuned!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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