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Netflix “Still Exploring” Possibility Of Nintendo Switch App

Nintendo Switch owners hoping to access Netflix on their consoles probably won’t be streaming their favorite shows anytime soon, but there’s still a chance that an app will be released sometime in the future.

Switch owners got a bit of a scare yesterday following a tweet from Netflix’s official customer service account. Responding to an inquiry asking when the service might be coming to the Switch, the @Netflixhelps account responded, “There are currently no plans for Netflix on Nintendo Switch.”

Hoping to receive clarification, Polygon reached out to Netflix for further comment, and a representative responded that although Netflix has nothing to announce at this time, the company has been in talks with Nintendo about a Switch app.

“We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don’t have definitive plans to share at this time,” the Netflix spokesperson told Polygon. The rep also added that Netflix would send an update to that effect from @Netflixhelps and the company has since deleted the original tweet. Source: Netflix Twitter

The Nintendo Switch is currently the fastest-selling console in history and has sold more than 10 million units worldwide since its release in March 2017 but the hybrid console is still missing many key features, including apps. So far, Hulu is the only streaming service being offered on the system.

Source: Polygon

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)