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Microsoft Announces Xbox One S, Its Smallest Xbox Ever

Microsoft has confirmed that a smaller Xbox One console is on the way.

Dubbed the Xbox One S, the redesigned hardware will be 40% smaller than the current model and do away with the console’s bulky power supply. In addition to being smaller, the Xbox One S also includes a few upgrades, including 4K Ultra HD video support (including 4K Blu-ray disks).

Some other notable improvements include USB ports on the front of the console, and a built-in IR blaster. Curiously, Microsoft has removed the dedicated Kinect sensor port. If you want to use the Kinect, you’ll now have to use a separate USB adaptor, which is a pretty good indication of how far Kinect has fallen in terms of importance for the Xbox One.

The Xbox One S will be available in early August at three price points: $299 for a 500 GB hard drive, $349 for 1 TB, and $399 for 2 TB.

(Source: The Verge)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)