‘Madden 17’ Has Arrived With A Laughable Game-Breaking Glitch

Via EA Sports

Every year, EA Sports releases a new version of their Madden franchise. And every year, it’s one of the best-selling games in America, as society’s thirst for all things NFL knows no bounds. This year, however, Madden seems to be broken.

Just take a look at this clip from Twitter. If you know even the basics of football rules, you might notice something incredibly wrong about this play.

So the Titans, down three with the clock about to expire, attempt a 49-yard field goal. Unfortunately, the kick misses, but then the Vikings somehow get awarded a mystery touchdown. In the endzone they were defending. On a missed field goal with no return. WTF? It’s not just field goals either. Here’s a kick-off after halftime that somehow turns into a TD for the receiving team.

Luckily, the glitches seem to be few and far between. The team over at EA will surely patch this up quickly, so it’s possible you might never even witness one of these glitches for yourself. Until then, just be careful when kicking the football. You never know what might happen!