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Legendary StarCraft Pro Announces Retirement

Considered by many to be the best competitive StarCraft: Brood War player in the world, and a top competitor in his own right in StarCraft II, legendary eSports competitor Lee “Flash” Young Ho has announced that he will be leaving his KT Rolster team and retiring from professional play. Flash has been a top StarCraft pro ever since his debut in 2007, at the age of 14, and set several records for number of tournament wins, most professional games won of any player, and highest won-loss ratio in competitive StarCraft history. Source:

Flash did suggest that his retirement may be temporary, and expressed a desire to possibly return to his KT Rolster team in an advisory role, but stated that he won’t be making any decisions on his future until January, at the earliest.

Here’s a video of some of the best StarCraft plays from his legendary career.

Stephen Randle

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