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Leaked Footage Of A Harry Potter RPG Surfaces Online

Source: wccftech

Earlier this morning, new footage of a Harry Potter video gamewas leaked.

The footage leaked was low quality, but the content within the footage was undoubtedly professional and real. Now though, official sources that were made aware of the leak have confirmed that it is an official project and the footage was real.

It’s difficult for the footage to survive on sites like Youtube due to Warner Bros.’ efforts to keep things private, though we did manage to find an additional source of the video for you to see (though it could be taken down at any point), along with a screenshot (Excuse the poor quality, this is a leak after all).

*View the leaked footage here!*

Source: Unknown

The video depicts a variety of famous locations and subjects from the Harry Potter world including an array of scenes from within Hogwarts and other famous places from the films, as well ashandful of creatures from the Fantastic Beasts series.

A character creation menu is depicted within the trailer, paired with demonstrations of the game’s third-person combat mechanics.

In addition to the leaked footage from within the game, a description of the game was also released; The game will take place in the 19th century and will follow the story and adventure of a 5th year student who comes to the magical school of Hogwarts as a late arrival.

Most details are being kept under wraps, though it looks like players will be able to fight with other wizards and creatures like goblins. There will also be 8 different classes or styles of characters for you to choose from and players are able to take a good or an evil approach to the story, similar to popular titles like Fallout.

Speculation of which company is developing the game has been running rampant since the leak first surfaced, with the most realistic possibility seeming to be Avalanche Software, which was responsible for the development of the Disney Infinity series. Avalanche closed down for a short period of time, and was later revived by Warner Bros. Interactive.

Details are scarce, but it would seem like fans have got confirmation and footage of a future Harry Potter RPG game.

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