League of Legends Makes $31 Every Single Second Of Every Single Day

Older gamers may hate the new trend of microtransactions and endless lists of pointless DLC (no, my character does not need a new hat for $1.99). But the simple truth is that these new sales tactics are working and they make TONS of money for the gaming companies.

According to WebPageFX, microtransactions in games — especially mobile games — are raking in millions of dollars. The popular smartphone game Clash of Clans brings in an average of $7.50 every second. That’s $236.5 million per year! Farmville (yes, that thing your Facebook friends keep sending you invites for) brings in even more — $22.30 every second.

If you think that’s an insane amount of money, then prepare to really have your mind blown. League of Legends, the multiplayer online battle game for PC, brings in $31 per second. PER SECOND! Don’t get your calculators out, I’ve already done the math. That’s $2.64 million every single day and $975 million annually. That’s a crazy amount of money spent on virtual goods.

WebPageFX also has interesting (and equally incredible) numbers on the sales figures of Amazon and Ebay.

(Image source: WebPageFX)



Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

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