Internet Sleuths May Have Discovered The PS5’s Codename

The next PlayStation console may be going by the codename ‘Erebus’.

As discovered by ResetEra user Gemüsepizza, there are two lists of platforms in the Unreal Engine 4’s backend that now include mentions of the name Erebus, which is significant because it wasn’t part of these lists until the latest engine update went live. Here’s one of the lists below:

Of course, that isn’t really enough on its own to point to a PS5 connection but the name itself offers a pretty strong clue. Erebus is the Greek deity of darkness and is thought to be one of the first five (eh? eh?) beings in existence. Plus, the last three PlayStation releases — the PS4 (Orbis), PS VR (Morpheus), and PS4 Pro (Neo) —have all had Greek-themed codenames, so there’s certainly precedent for Sony to continue the theme.

There have also been multiple reports that the next Xbox is codenamed Scarlett, so we know Erebus probably isn’t a Microsoft product. It’s unclear when either company’s next-generation consoles will release, but it doesn’t look like they’ll arrive earlier than 2020.

Source: IGN


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)