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Insomniac Still Wants To Make A ‘Sunset Overdrive’ Sequel

Three years after its release, Sunset Overdrive remains one of the Xbox One’s most interesting, underappreciated exclusives and according to Insomniac CEO Ted Price, his company is open to making a sequel someday.

Speaking on Insomniac’s Twitch stream, Price was asked whether any of the studio’s owned intellectual properties could make a return and the CEO called out Sunset Overdrive specifically as one he’d like to see come back.

“Sunset [Overdrive] is something that I know a lot of our fans talk about wanting to see the sequel,” he responded. “We need a partner for that. That’s a big game; Sunset 2 would be a very large-scope game.”

Price added that because Insomniac owns the IP, a Sunset Overdrive sequel could be multiplatform if a a new publisher comes on board, meaning that it wouldn’t be an Xbox One exclusive like the first game.

This isn’t the first time Price has talked about a Sunset Overdrive follow-up. Back in February, Game Informer asked Price why there had yet to be a sequel, to which he replied, “You’d have to ask Microsoft.” There’s an implication here that Microsoft may have already turned down the idea, and Insomniac is now exploring other avenues.

Price also pointed out that, thanks to Sunset Overdrive’s previous appearance as a free Games With Gold pick, the game has now been played by “millions” of people.

Insomniac is currently hard at work on another open-world game, the PS4-exclusive Spider-Man, which is expected to release in 2018.

(Via: IGN)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)