Insomniac Reveals Details For Spider-Man PS4’s New Game Plus Mode

One of the most requested additions to Insomniac Games’ sensational Marvel’s Spider-Man since its release last month has been a New Game Plus mode. Not long after the game came out, the developer confirmed that the game would be receiving this feature as part of a free update, but it was left unclear when players could expect the new mode to arrive. Fortunately, it looks like we don’t have to wait much longer at all!

The European PlayStation Blog has detailed what to expect from Spider-Man’ s New Game Plus, which goes live tomorrow as part of Update 1.07:

“Update 1.07 is one we’ve been working on for a while now, and adds New Game+ (NG+) as well as Ultimate Difficulty to the game,” according to Insomniac. “NG+ allows you to play the story and all activities in the open world again with all of your unlocked suits, skills, gadgets, mods, and benchmarks from the beginning.”

Sounds like a pretty standard NG+, which is honestly fine given how much fun Spider-Man’s story campaign was the first time around. Curiously, the North American PlayStation Blog makes no mention of NG+ in its own post on the game’s upcoming DLC chapter, The Heist, but it’s assumed that the mode will go live for North American players tomorrow as well.

Speaking of that DLC chapter, the PlayStation Blog has new details on what to expect from the first of three additional chapters coming to the game as part of the The City That Never Sleeps DLC. Titled The Heist, the new chapter revolves around Black Cat, who appeared in the main game in an audio capacity only. In addition to new story content, The Heist adds three additional Spidey suits:   Kaine Parker’s Scarlet Spider, the Spider-UK look from the Spider-Verse, and an original creation from Marvel artist Gabriele Dell’Otto.

The Heist launches Oct. 23 and can be purchased on its own for $9.99 or as part of the full The City That Never Sleeps DLC, which runs for $24.99.


Source: PlayStation Blog

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)