German Mayor Shuts Down Bridge Traffic So Players Can Catch Pokémon

If you refused to believe that Pokémon Go was a global phenomenon before, this will definitely make you change your mind.

According to RP-Online, the Mayor of German city Dusseldorf has taken the extreme action of closing a busy bridge to traffic because it has become overrun with Pokémon Go players. The Giradet Bridge is a small crossing that is normally open to both car and foot traffic. However, the popular mobile game has placed a Pokestop on each end of the bridge, both of which can be accessed from the middle of the bridge. The result is a bridge over flowing with people staring at their phones.

Rather than try to kick out the Pokémon Go players, the Mayor has city officials block off traffic to the bridge when the crowds become too dense. The city has also brought in portable toilets and extra garbage cans to accommodate all the extra foot traffic.

Dusseldorf may be aiming to become the stand out Pokémon city in Europe, as the local bus service is planning Pokémon Go themed trips that will take avid Pokémon trainers to all of the city’s best hotspots for catching the little monsters.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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