Fortnite’s Season 6 Shadow Stones Have Been Disabled

Source: Epic Games

Yesterday marked the highly anticipated sixth season of the extremely popular game Fortnite.  It came with a wide array of new items and locations, along with gameplay tweaks to things like the storm. One item in particular was added that gained a lot of attention: the Shadow Stones.

These Shadow Stones are found in the new corrupted areas of the map, and when consumed it puts the user into ‘Shadow Form’.

While in Shadow Form your character gains some pretty interesting qualities; You will be unable to use weapons while in this form, and when moving you will have a very visible trail following your character. However, if your character is standing still it will appear mostly invisible to other players in the game.

Source: Epic Games

Additionally, your character will move faster and receive no fall damage when falling off of stuff. Coolest of all is the new ability your character will posses while in Shadow Form, the Phase ability.

This ability seems to be the source of some major issues with the new item, as it allows users to phase through objects in front of them. The issue with this particular game feature is that it employs game mechanics that haven’t ever been present in Fortnite. Previously it has not been possible to pass through objects so adding that into the game has come with some hitches.

For instance, in their original state they would allow users to phase through objects sometimes, but not all the time even when they should’ve been able to. This has demonstrated to Epic Games that the item’s design isn’t polished enough to be public, and cannot rely on having a balanced game with items performing unexpectedly.

As a result they’ve been disabled until Epic Games can generate a fix for the cool new items.

Are you excited to see these potentially game-changing items added into the game? Let us know in the comments section!

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