Fortnite Season 6 Drops Today!

In today’s gaming industry few games can rival the popularity of Fortnite, a cross-platform compatible, beautifully polished game, that is also free to play. Today Fortnite has released it’s sixth season.

For those of you who don’t know, while Fortnite is free to play, the company has to make money, and they’ve gone about making that money beautifully. Anybody can play for free, or they can choose to buy a battle pass that comes with each season.

Each battle pass comes with new cosmetics for your character, such as a skin replacement that can change your characters appearance, along with replacements for the standard pickaxe weapon that you spawn with.  The season’s battle pass also come with a wide array of challenges, typically a map rework or new maps all-together, along with some unique changes from patch to patch.

This season’s release was paired with some new trailers.  We’ve posted their ‘Darkness Rises’ trailer below, check it out!

Season 6 is full of major changes to the game, including some interesting changes to the game’s map, a series of new items and weapons such as the new pet cosmetics, along with the mysterious Shadow Stones and the vaulted impulse grenade.

Additionally a series of changes have been made to the strangely-behaving Grapplers in the game.  The storm closes faster, and there’s a huge slew of bug fixes. For more details about the patch check out the official informative trailer below.

Another interesting addition people have been desiring was also added this season; Custom control binding and Input-Based matchmaking which ensures Xbox users with a keyboard and mouse are placing with PC users and not other console players.  This is to avoid placing console players with the people that have the advantage of using a keyboard and mouse.

With so many changes coming to the game, which of these are you excited for? Let us know if you think they’re moving in the right direction with the game.

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Liam Bentley

Liam Bentley

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