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For Honor: Massive “Marching Fire” Update Goes Live

Ubisoft has released the ‘Marching Fire‘ update for the RPG game For Honor. The video game company has stated that the update will be the largest that has ever been released for the game.

Marching Fire introduces an entirely new faction to the world of For Honor, containing a variety of new fighters and two brand-new game modes. Ubisoft has stated that the update will take roughly three hours to complete and has provided some patch notes on the update as well.

We’ve posted the trailer for Marching Fire here!

The new faction is called the Wu Lin Faction, and brings four new warriors to the game; The Shaolin and his Staff, the Tiandi carrying his Dao blade, the Jiang Jun with the Guandao and finally, the Nuxia – master of hook swords.

One of the new game modes included in the update is called Breach and it’ll allow players to mimic the attack or defense of a castle during a siege.

Additionally, there are three new maps that have been added to the game: Walled City (built by the Knights), Hallowed Bastion (sacred to the Vikings) and Kazan Castle (a Samurai fortress).

All of the newly added heroes are unlockable with the in-game currency, and those who purchase the Marching Fire expansion will gain instant access to all 4 of the new fighters; Those who don’t purchase the expansion will have to wait 2 weeks to gain access.

The Arcade mode also added for the players who decide to purchase Marching Fire. In Arcade mode players can play alone or with another player and will allow them to play the game in a singleplayer environment, with the chance to win new content for heroes.

There’s an incredible amount of new information and additions to the game, we’ve provided the patch notes containing all of them below.

*For Honor Marching Fire Patch Notes*

Are you excited to battle against the new faction and explore the new maps and game modes? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: comicbook / Ubisoft

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