First 13 Years Of ‘Nintendo Power’ Now Available Online…For Free!

Everyone remembers Nintendo Power magazine, right? One of the cornerstones of the video game industry for over a decade, the magazine was a significant part of a lot of gamers’ childhoods, offering tips and tricks (and often even full solutions) for the most popular Nintendo games available. The magazine, which began its existence in 1988, shortly after the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System, actually only stopped putting out issues in 2012. But now, you can read the first thirteen years of Nintendo Power online, as the good people at have worked to digitally upload every issue from that period to their website, where anyone can view them for absolutely no charge! The goal, allegedly, is to have every issue of the magazine’s 24-year run uploaded eventually, but for now, you can re-live the first golden age of Nintendo as much as you want!

By now, you’re probably screaming for a link, so here you go!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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