Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XV Won’t Be Out Until November

According to several sources within GameStop, they have been informed by Square Enix that Final Fantasy XV, a much-discussed JRPG that has been in development for a decade at this point, will be delayed another two months from its original September 30th release date, until late November. While many video games in recent years have had similar delays at the last minute (including recent hit No Man’s Sky), this feels like more of the same from a much-maligned game, which has seen multiple delays and changes while Squar Enix tries to get the latest edition of their long-running franchise onto shelves. With some reports saying that this game needs to sell 10 million copies to make back the time and money sunk into it, another delay will not likely be well-received by even the most loyal fans.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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