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FFXV Multiplayer Closed Beta Continues

If you haven’t taken the time to do so already, download the Final Fantasy XV Comrades Closed Online Test application from the PlayStation and (/0r) Xbox stores! Gamespot has noted that the app, along with your chance to participate in the RPG’s multiplayer beta, ends today… so don’t wait! Go now! The beta continues its second test round this weekend, but you’ll need that app to play!

IGN listed everything you’ll need: The game (no s***), the season pass, PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold, the Closed Online Test application (will reportedly disappear sometime today, August 8th, ’17), and finally, a lot of money to purchase the above thingies.

Problems experienced by players will be addressed in an update before your trials begin, and Square Enix has noted several involving connectivity.

Thankfully, matchmaking will be smoothed over, allowing you to make your custom character and join with up to three friends to tackle a number of quests designed for a party. Kill mobs, level up, visit Outposts to change your gear and clothes, then show off your hip, new styles… because, you know, that’s all Final Fantasy stuff.

If you discover that the application has already been removed from the stores (sad!), feel free to leave a comment in the section below. There’s no word on the full release date yet, but stick around Goliath for all the latest updates.

And for more details on what to expect from the multiplayer addon, you can check out this video:


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