Fallout 76 Beta Release Date Dropped Today

Bethesda has announced the release date for an upcoming Fallout 76 beta. The upcoming Fallout game is going to bring the franchises’ Wastelanders a step into the multiplayer world.  This is new territory for the Fallout games, and as a result it’s being approached with caution.

The beta will release on Tuesday October 23 for Xbox One, and then will progress to release on Playstation 4 and PC on October 30th.

We’ve included the official in-game intro video below, check it out!

Bethesda’s approach to the beta is certainly encouraging. It’s typical for Bethesda games to be chock-full of bugs at release, but it seems that they’re using this beta period to polish and ensure they’re ready for a full multiplayer release.

They’re limiting the beta availability to specific times of day, and as a result it will funnel all the players into tightly grouped time-frames. This will demonstrate to the company how capable and how well their multiplayer servers can hold up when a large body of players is weighing them down.

Hopefully, this should give Bethesda the information they need to ensure that when the main body of their player-base is online that their servers will be able to hold up and still provide an enjoyable user experience.

The full game’s launch is set for November 14.

Let us know what you’re hoping to see implemented into Fallout 76 in the comments below.

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Liam Bentley

Liam Bentley

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