EA Will Take A Break From Making ‘Battlefield’ Games To Focus On ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’

Electronic Arts has announced that there will not be a new Battlefield game “for a couple of years,” as the publisher wants franchise developer DICE to focus on a new Star Wars Battlefront title set for release in late 2017.

Blake Jorgensen, EA’s chief financial officer, broke the news at the Nasdaq Investor programme. According to a transcript acquired by Videogamer, the decision to delay the release of a new Battlefield title largely stems from EA’s desire to address player criticism of last year’s Star Wars Battlefront, which many felt shipped with too little content. Jorgensen also promised that the next Battlefront will feature content from the new Star Wars movies.

“We were really working with the old canvas of Star Wars, the old trilogy,” he said. “We weren’t using any of the new materials that came out of [Episode 7] because our game actually came out slightly before the movie. Next year we’ll have the opportunity to leverage more of that content from the new movies and we think that’ll make the opportunity much larger.” Source: Youtube

EA’s decision falls in line with a recent trend among large publishers in recognizing franchise fatigue setting in among many consumers due to yearly releases. Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced that it would not release a new Assassin’s Creed game in 2016 in order to help keep the franchise from growing stale.

EA released Battlefield 1 back in October to critical acclaim and impressive sales numbers, so it’s safe to say that consumer interest in the franchise remains strong.

(Via: IGN)


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)