Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Revealed With Epic 48 Minute Demo

CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher franchise have just dropped the first gameplay footage of their upcoming open-world RPG — Cyberpunk 2077. The video is an extensive 48-minute long walkthrough that has until now been reserved for media and industry professionals, shown at E3 and Gamescom.

Adam Badowski, Cyberpunk 2077 Game Director and CD PROJEKT RED Head of Studio says “What we’re releasing today was recorded from a game deep in development. Since many of the assets and mechanics in the current version of Cyberpunk 2077 are most likely to be modified, we initially decided to show this gameplay only to media. Elements like gunplay (both in terms of visuals and how RPG stats influence it), netrunning, car physics, or the game’s UI — everything’s pretty much still in the playtest phase and we felt uneasy about publicly committing to any particular design. Animation glitches, work-in-progress character facial expressions, early versions of locations — all this made us hesitant to release what you’re about to see.”

Despite being an early look at the futuristic sci-fi RPG the game looks great and provides some insight to just how massive and detailed the Cyberpunk universe is. What are your thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077? are you as excited as we are for its 2019 release?


Charles Rogers

Charliee Rogers is a freelance writer, father of two, and video game player!