Super Mario Bros.

Check Out These Amazing Super Mario Brothers Propaganda Posters

What if Mario (and his less famous brother Luigi) are actually the bad guys? Maybe they are just terrorizing the poor Mushroom Kingdom and upsetting the delicate ecosystem balance of Koopas, Goombas, and fire flowers. If that’s the case, L.A. based graphic artist Fernando Reza decided that the resistance needed some motivation to rally the troops. He created a series of WWII-style propaganda posters depicting Mario as the enemy. He even made a catchy recruiting slogan: “The Koopas are fighting. Why aren’t you?”

Our favorite the the one depicting Mario riding a horribly scary tiny Godzilla, which is obviously Yoshi. Quite a change from the cute friendly dinosaur pal we usually think of.

You can order prints here and check out his other works here




Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

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