We live in an age where digital downloads of video games make our life easier — but also sometimes harder. Thus is the case if you purchase Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the Windows 10 store.

While the Windows 10 version is slightly cheaper than the retail or Steam versions of the game, it comes with a very notable hindrance — the multiplayer mode will not allows Windows 10 players to play with gamers who purchased on Steam. That could be a pretty big deal, since the majority of PC gamers will buy this game on Steam.

Infinite Warfare is also NOT a Microsoft Play Anywhere title, meaning that the Windows 10 version also won’t be able to use the Xbox One online player base for multiplayer. It’s basically a Windows/CoD island, all alone and by itself.

This fact is not mentioned anywhere in the Windows 10 store, so buyer beware.

According to Kotaku, a Windows spokesman claimed that the store supports and encourages “cross-play between devices and platforms for partners who want to enable it.” Sounds like they are passing the buck to Activision for not allowing PC users to play together, regardless of which store they actually purchased the game from.