Celebrity Pokemon Evolutions Source: know your meme

Mila Kunis, I CHOOSE YOU! Check out these pokemon evolutions and their uncanny superstar counterparts: Source: know your meme

Emma Watson went from cute little Buneary to sexy vixen Lopunny (if pokemon can be sexy) Source: know your meme

Who knew Zach Galifianakis evolved from Jonah Hill???! Source: know your meme

Selina Gomez is definitely the sweet little Totodile of the group here, while Mila Kunis channels her inner Ferligatr. Source: know your meme

Another Harry Potter favorite: Rupert Grint is a total Charmander while Conan O’Brian is Charmeleon …and Louis CK rounds out the Charizard evolution. Source: Unreality mag

RiRi looks like a cute little Smoochum here while Nicki Minaj so closely resembles the evolution Jynx that it’s almost as scary as her face in that photo!

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