Even though the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been out for roughly two years now, their older (and less powerful) siblings, the 360 and PS3, are still owned by many, many gamers. But if you’re a Call of Duty fan still stuck on last generation’s hardware, you better make plans to upgrade soon.

In a recent press release by Activision, the company announced that the first DLC for Black Ops III would hit stores on February 2. It includes four new multiplayer maps and a brand new episode of the game’s Zombie mode. There’s only one catch — it’s not available for last-gen consoles at all.

The 360 and PS3 versions of Black Ops III already shipped with less than their Xbox One and PS4 counterparts — Activision stripped the game of its single player campaign on the older systems, claiming they couldn’t handle it. Now it looks like those people unlucky enough to still play on those consoles won’t be able to get any new content either.

It was bound to happen eventually, sure. But you would think that if the 360 and PS3 can handle the current multiplayer modes of Black Ops III, they’d be able to handle a few new maps as well. If you’re still a religious Call of Duty fan, who buys the new version every fall, you better make sure you’re on current-gen hardware by next year, otherwise you might not be able to buy the game at all.